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Terms, Abbreviations and Assholery: D - G

More from The Fanfiction Glossary:


AU fics written to prevent or avert tragic canonical events. Also AU fics which rewrite or retcon a storyline that the ficcer simply didn't like. Often created as immediate angry or grief-stricken reactions, these tend to be met with contempt or sympathy depending on the quality, but they're generally not viewed as good writing.

This happens in rpgs all the time. I watched every episode of Buffy for all 7 seasons it was on and you could be sure that if something major happened in the plot such as someone being killed off or a relationship breaking up, the next morning rpgs would be created where the horrible thing did not happen or characters would flood rpgs where the canon proposed would fight what happened.


Stands for "don't like, don't read" -- a controversial fanfic disclaimer note since Suethors latched onto it as a lame defense for crap writing in the form of a shield against criticism.

This is more a fanfic term than an rpg term but it lets into the dark mind of a Suethor. She really doesn't care if she makes a character that bends or breaks the rules. If you are the owner and you don't like it, screw you. She's a Sue and she needs to emotionally masturbate on your rpg.

Deus Ex Machina, deus ex machina

Latin for "God From The Machine." According to XxphenixX, "In (Greco)Roman theater, a god would often mystically appear to extricate a character from a difficult situation and/or generally resolve the conflict of the tale; the person playing the god would be held up by stage machinery, hence the 'machina.'" In fandom, this refers to a contrived plot device which resolves an otherwise insurmountable problem, and as such are regarded as the cop-out refuge of a bad writer or an amateur gamemaster.

Like when circumstances allow a Mary Sue or Gary Stu to just have the answer for something, pull a power or skill out of their ass or knows the right thing to say. She solves every problem by God moding.


Episode of a TV show.

I use this one a lot. Hee! I tend to pluck out a character that appeared once or twice on a show and expand them into the regular story and I always have to say, "Remember that ep where that chick showed up and did this and it was cool? I want to play her. Won't that be cool?" Of course, I think I ask in a less fangirl sort of way.

Estrogen Brigade

a humorous term used by some segments of female fandom who are devoted to a male star, ie. the PMEB (Paul McGann Estrogen Brigade), the DDEB (David Duchovny Estrogen Brigade), or the HJEB (Hugh Jackman Estrogen Brigade).

Like I'm part of the Adam Busch Estrogen Brigade and Freaklin Gout is apart of the Colin Meloy Estrogen Brigade.


A fandom-oriented rewriting or parody of an existing song, using the same tune but new words. Can also refer to original tunes written about/within fandom, or to the actual act of turning a mundane song into a filk. Popular after-hours at conventions.

See also BGM. A song is twisted to it's full wanky potential so the Suethor can impose her angsty feelings onto everyone around her.


A story in which at least one character's gender is altered -- occasionally via reassignment surgery, but more often through a plot device like alien experimentation, mutation, magic, etc. These tales often involve sex, but not necessarily; the nickname is akin to the term "mindfuck."

HAW! I've seen this!!! I was Warren and Andrew in this one Buffy rpg and the girl playing Jonathan's character just went and did a spell that went wrong and POOF! He became Joanathan. I was pissed and I tried to work with it but all Joanathan wanted to do was have sex with Vampire Buffy and I was a third and fourth wheel to it all. It was ucky and I left.

Glomp, *glomp*

An enthusiastic full-body clinging anime-style hug rarely seen in reality but quite often in chat environments. One doesn't tend *glomp* strangers.

Yeah, I watched "Dr. Who" and the members of "Torchwood" engage in a group glomp the other day. It was funny and ucky all at the same time.


Any erotic tale involving shapeless, liquid, or gelatinous characters (ie. Odo in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) using their talents upon/with humanoid characters in inventive ways. Tends to be use as a derogatory term by those who feel it's used to degrade female characters, along the same lines as tentaclefic.

I haven't seen this at all. I just think it's funny. Hee! Goosex!

Gratuitous Tactile Moment, Gratuitous Touchy Moment, GTM

Innocent physical contact between characters, often to prevent injury or to provide support or comfort. Just because it's innocent to the characters, however, doesn't mean that the writer/readers aren't enjoying it -- or that it won't lead to something rather less innocent! Frequently spotted in 'shippy stories, slash, or smarm. Often abbreviated to GTM.

I'm guilty of this one too. I don't think it's wrong to fondle up another character in some innocent way that could lead to something else. It's fun, harmless and others like it too. \\GTM for Freaklin Gout and Fountine!!!

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