Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Newsflash! Aliens are Unrealistic!

Here's an open letter to the girl who chased me out of an rpg today:
(Contains Torchwood and Dr. Who spoilers)

Dear Bitch,

I've put up a lot of crap in rpgs but today I can honestly say I'm proud of myself for walking away from your rpg and not looking back.

I know I created a character that never sleeps. She saw a weird light in the sky at the age of 12, she's now 24 and in those 12 years she has never slept a wink. I agree 100% that it's "unrealistic."

However it appears you haven't realized you created an rpg based on Dr. Who and Torchwood. I would think in an rpg based on shows about aliens, nothing can truly be unrealistic, right?

On Torchwood alone:
Captain Jack Harkness can't die.
Owen Harper is dead but he walks and talks like he's not.
Toshiko Sato once heard the thoughts of everyone around her.
Gwen Cooper almost gave birth to an alien baby.
Ianto Jones' girlfriend was turned in to a CyberWoman and he kept her in the bowels of Torchwood hoping to have her de-Cybered only to have her eaten by a pteradactyl.

I ask you, do you not find those things unrealistic? All those things happened to regular humans at the hands of aliens and alien technology and one chick who doesn't sleep throws you for a loop? My dear, you picked the wrong shows to open up an rpg about if you find that "unrealistic."

I suppose I could have replied to your silly little email about how unrealistic aliens are and I should be pleased you told me that but it would have been the stupidest conversation I'd ever had with anyone online.

I hope you enjoyed wasting my time,

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