Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Who the Hell is Alex Evans?

As near as I can tell, he's a dude who likes his picture taken. He is EVERYWHERE in the rpg world. We met him once as Jamie Ray Boyd. Without researching I can tell you he's the perfect emo kid for angsty, young role players. He looks like he is full of woe and needs sex a lot. Chances are that anyone using him as a Play By will cast him as some deeply troubled and abused teen whether he's in an insane asylum, student at Hogwarts or very moody vampire.

But really, who on Earth is he? I am having a devil of a time locating him and why he's famous. As near as I can figure he's a just a model from Canada. That's all. Not a singer or an actor or a skateboarder and any of the things I suspected. Oh! He has an ultra active MySpace page. But somehow, despite not really doing anything except posing for pictures, he's captured all the inner angst of role players all over the internet. He looks like a boy that needs to be taken care of, held close to the bosom and taken to bed a lot.

Why am I so interested in finding him? Like I said, he's all over. I don't think I've seen an rpg in a very long time that doesn't seem to include him in some way. Face Claims all over the Internet are deluged with authors fighting to use him as their play by. (Since this is the first time I'm mentioning these things, a "play by" is the actor or actress used to represent a character and a "face claim" is the general list put out by the rpg admins to show who has claim to what celeb.)

"alex evans - matthew cunning"

"Alex Evans - Acelin & Ashton Pierce"
"ALEX EVANS --» phoenix june"
"Alex Evans - - Skyler Sommers"

"Oliver Stone {Vampire Clan}
15 Years old [30]
FC: Alex Evans"
"Alex Evans Jackson Miller"

"Alex Evans Scorpius Peverell"
"Alix Hooke - Alex Evans, Chace Crawford"

"- Alex Evans // Jude Scott"

"^pictures thanks to Alex Evans of DeviantArt"

Some rpgs have started to list him as someone you can't use as a play by any more because he's so damn ubiquitous but that doesn't mean his appeal has diminished. I don't think the interest in him will be disappearing anytime soon. As long as authors believe they are creating an "original" and "unique" emo with various personality disorders, we will have to look at Alex Evans with his swoop style bangs, multiple piercings, deathly pale skin and silly tshirts mugging at cameras. His story lines will be about how vulnerable he is and he just needs the right girl or boy to teach him how to love and trust again. He's damaged yet smart, sad yet strong, troubled yet innocent, rebellious yet meek and emo yet popular. Alex Evans in here to stay all whether we grumble about it or not.

Can't read that? It says:

"Light as a feather

Quick as a fox

whipping about

Strong as an ox

Invisible to us

yet always it's there

calming and damaging

the wind in our hair"


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