Friday, November 14, 2008

Thick-Skinned Like a Rhino's Ass

Emotions are important. They rule our lives and help us make choices. They can be an asset or a curse depending on how they manifest. As a character, emotions might allow someone to get close or be pushed away. Showing emotions could enhance or diminish relationships with other characters. Anger, anxiety, confusion, contentment, desire, despair, fear, grief, guilt, happiness, hate, hope, jealousy, longing, love, passion, resignation, revenge, sadness, shame, shock, sympathy, tenderness and worry are the spice of life, color our everyday actions and makes us do things we wouldn't normally. The risk of being too open and showing how a character truly feels can damage that character's strength and reputation depending on how deeply we recognize these feelings within us.

So why not skip them? Weaknesses are for babies. You may not be able to plot much without emotions but go right ahead and try! Create an army of dry, dull, robotic, frigid, somber, apathetic, flat cardboard Sues. See if I care?

"She is tough, and she can at times hide her emotions from others."

"Personality: (Human) Cold, Emotionless, Aloof, Genius, Strategist,calm but cares for friends(Aura Minzoku) Cold, Emotionless, Aloof, Genius,Calm Strategist but cares for friends"

"She seems cold and doesn't seem to care about him nor anyone but just hides her emotions and all..."

"Personality: Almost emotionless, he has full control of his emotions."

"Either that or she hides her emotions well."

"Personality: Is nice but quiet and emotionless."

"a highschool private school chick who likes to party, but hides her emotions."

"Personality: Cool minded, heartless and emotionless."

"She's sensitive, but hides her emotions well, and is easily angered."

"Personality: Emotionless and sinister he carries a very dark past and is shrouded in mystery though his seductive nature comes out once and a while."

"She hides her emotions and only expresses her true feelings to those she truelly trusts."

"She hides her emotions quiet well, though; due to the death of her only brother who was very dear to her,"

"She hides her emotions well on the surface and often times will appear calm and in control of herself,"

"Even though she hides her emotions, she pours all of her emotions into the lyrics that she writes for her songs."

"Personality: Calm, seemingly emotionless, thinks very tactically and mathematically, fiercly loyal."

"its kaylen, the most beautiful girl i have seen in my life, and even though she hides her emotions and feelings, She is a great person."

"Personality: His is nearly emotionless since he became a demon, though he has shown signs, more recently reguarding the elf. He is completely loyal to his friend and sevant."

"Pessimistic, an sarcastic, she hides her emotions behind her words, and very rarely, actions."

"Emotionless and a tactical mind, this AI is something you wouldn't wanna battle against."

"Quirks: She hides her emotions, everyone asks what's wrong she says nothing and leaves it at that."

"She is always on guard and alert, that is one reason she hides her emotions from others, so she has an advantage"

"However, he becomes a completely different person in combat: silent and emotionless."

"She's easily upset (she's very emotional) but hides her feelings well"

"Personality: Emotionless, merciless, this guy is more likely to rip out your throat then make a friend"

"Personality: He seems emotionless"

"lance seemed to appear beside the kid and looked at him with his emotionless eyes"

"Despite his loyalty he shields his emotions and thoughts to those he does not know."

"Personality: Intelligent, skillful but emotionless. Anybody who are weak or not useful are called TRASH. Strong and fearful but quiet."

Wouldn't those people hate the chick that belongs to this silly ass banner?

She acts like the summer and walks like rain? What is this poetry crap telling us? I used to dissect poetry in college and this imagery is losing me completely. When I think about summer, I think of it as hot. When I think of rain, I think of it as wet. I also remember that summer comes before Fall and rain actually falls. What a klutzy yet flowery whore. I don't get it.

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