Monday, November 17, 2008

Destroyed Mary Sue

Here's yet another Harry Potter Sue. They are like crack to me. What can I say? Everything about them is just irresistable. They riff themselves. There's not much I can add to make her any more laughable than she is.
I went ahead and cut out all the normal Sue info and gave you only the most outstanding Sue-y bits. Enjoy!

Full name: Fahima
Nickname: Oceania

Umm... sweetie? A full name is "Fahima Oceania." A nickname is "Fah," "Fahy," "F.O.," or "Cuddly Bumkins."

Blood: Per-Blood

It's better than pure. It's "per." But really, all 7 books say "pure blood." Where does she get the idea that it's "per" blood.

Martial Status: Looking

Okay, I need to call out admin on this. Martial? Like in Martial Arts? This girl has a blackbelt in Sue! Kung Sue!

Hair and eye color: Blue eyes and she changes her hair from Blond to Black but there is always Red standing out on her bangs~
~Physical Appearance: She is not skinny skinny and but she is not fat~ She is 5’9 and about 155 lbs~ she has a muggle tattoo on her right arm of 4 roses with the words~ "R.I.P I will never forget what you did for me" and the names Zander BeastlyZahara BeastlyJosh OceaniaAndMorgan OceaniaShe also has a wizard tattoo on her left arm of those 4 people~

She's gothy and tough as nails despite her tragic life. I would warn you all to get ready but by now I'm sure we're all desensitized to the pain of Sues.

Attitude: She is very down to earth~ but she don’t take nuts from anyone~ She stands up for innocent people~ ~She does break the rules but she DOESN’T break the law~ To he rules are met to be broken and Laws are met to be followed~
Likes: Singing~ Writing~ playing the drums~ Looking at the stars~ roller blading.
Dislikes: The Dark Arts, people that break the LAW, unfriendly people~ people that think they are better then others~
Personality: She is very wise~ she is smart and she loves her powers~ she always misses home and remembers what those have done for her~

If it's a holiday I might take nuts from anyone. Those little gift packs of honey roasted almonds and peanuts are fun!~
Are we shocked she sings and writes?~
And she hasn't studied DADA since she was a fetus. That's truly is a surprise.~
She's smart~She loves being a Sue. Things were be awesome if not for the horrible tragedy that made her a Sue.

When Fahima was 5 she found out that she and her sister were not a normal people~ Her mom told her and her sister that her father and herself were wizards~ and the girls like her mother was a witches~ When she was 9 she was playing in the yard and a man walked up in a black hooded cloak, he looked at her and raised his wand~ Her father came flying out of the house and yelled Avada Kedavra, the man hit the ground~ she passed out from a spell that hit her, all she remembered was he dad picking her up and him saying, "Brandy they found us, get Morgan, we have to get out of here, NOW". When she woke up she found herself in a different house~ with a boy standing over her~Over the next 2 years she found out there was more to her family that met the eye. She found out that her mom was a Metamorphmagus which mean she could change her appearance at will, she also found out she was too~ She then found out that she was a Animagus and a Metamorphmagus.

I'm not sure how it works in the book but I don't think those things are genetic. They are learned. Who am I kidding? She's a Sue. She probably knew how to do those things when she was a fetus.

Over the 2 years she lived with her god parents Zander and Zahara Beastly~ Her parents and her twin slept in the guest house~ It was 3 bedrooms enough for them~ She loved her family and felt very safe there till they day she turned 11 years old~ in the middle of the night she was a waken from a man that was wearing a black hooded cloak, Fahima screamed and with out thinking without moving she changed in to a Wolverin and bit the guy in the throat~

She became Hugh Jackman!!!! What a wicked and wonderful Sue!

She changed back and ran down the stars~ She seen a man with red eyes look at her and then turned and muttered Avada Kedavra, Fahima watch as her sister died~ the man turned around and raise his wand again but before he could say anything her father and mother and god parents came in the room~ Her parents fought the red eyed guy and her god parents were fighting 2 other hooded men~ She watched as her father was killed, she yelled and when to run over to fight~ but her God brother Kyle grabbed her and turned on the spot~ About 5 days later her month came back, all three of them decided to move to England~ That September she started at Hogwarts~ When she turned 17 she got her tattoos 2 weeks before she when back to school~

What a wimpy Sue. She couldn't save everyone. Maybe she wanted to be emo. She didn't really want to go Hugh Jackman on everyone's ass and be some big hero. Could have but chose not to.

Thank Goodness her month came back. I have no clue what that means but I'm positive it has to suck when your month is gone.

I'm also happy that we are told where her tattoos fit into this timeline. Didn't you all want to know the very moment she chose to announce to the world she was a Sue and she wasn't going to apologise for it?

This has to be the first bio I've come across that had a title. Honest. A title. "Destroyed Memories." Meaning, I guess, her memories weren't destroyed. But her memories were of her family being destroyed because even though she metamorphmagusized into Hugh Jackman, she still couldn't save her family. I blame Kyle and his need to save her from being the most awesome Sue of all Sue time.

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