Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"Stonger than she Sues"

Mary Sues are a hot looking group of ladies. They have the glossiest hair, the sparkliest eyes and the sexiest figures but you know what? They don't appear as awesome as they are. Mary Sues maintain a girlish shape but they often can surprise you with how rugged they turn out to be. You may be thinking, "Hey, that chick's frame is slender so she must be totally harmless. I could menace her if I wanted to and she couldn't stop me." You, my friend, would be wrong. While muscles would take away from her meek and unassuming appearance, be ware. She's "stronger than she looks."

"She is very slender, but stronger than she looks, and upon closer notice you can see the fine network of muscles along her back."

"She’s stronger than she looks and can do the work of a man, she'll prove it too."

"She looks weak and is weak but she is stronger than she looks."

"Silentstar is stronger than she looks and is determined to strengthen her tribe."

"Strengths: Raine is a brave girl and she’s stronger than she looks."

"Rachel is slim, but stronger than she looks, and stands at 5'6"."

"Quick on her paws, stronger than she looks."

"Accurate and powerful archer; definitely stronger than she looks."

"Looks slender, but hard, flat, sinewy muscles under her skin - a LOT stronger than she looks (well, she IS a smith!). Grey eyes."

"Her pinwheels are pretty deadly in battle; she's stronger than she looks!"

"Appearance: She's quite small, only about 4' 6". Slender, but stronger than she looks and very nimble. She has electric blue hair and intense green eyes."

This group of Mary Sues are "stronger then she looks."

"Apperence armor & wepon: tall(6'2'') waist langth bright red hair, slender strong woman(stronger then she looks)/ silver armor/ sword"

"Family-considers Sabrina (my other fc) as her big sistershe is very defensive around her and her friends,is stronger then she looks,is afraid of heights,gets freaked out easily."

"The one other pokemon she has with her is an Abra, female, named Opal who still knows Teleport, though is much stronger then she looks."

"somewhat short and slender but stronger than she looks; looks much younger than she is and is often taken for either young or simple-minded; neither is, in fact, the case."

"Keeps herself in top physical form and is quite athletic. Exercise combined with a great deal of martial arts training means that she's very flexible and can handle some pretty acrobatic maneuvers. Fairly well muscled for a girl her age, she's stronger than she looks but certainly not anything that would put her in the record books."

"'She's definately much stronger than she looks,' he remarked to himself as he tried pushing her off of him. No such luck. 'Oh well, you brought this on yourself...'"

"She may look fragile and soft, but she's stronger than she looks."

"often scowling, not for any particular reason though...she just doesn't smile; stronger than she looks; she wears a lot of red and black, again, not for any reason other than she likes it."

"Spirit History: Kororo is Trey's spirit, she may look pretty small but she's alot stronger then she looks. She integrates into Trey's snowboard and can attack very powerfully from inside it."

"She stronger then she looks but likes to pretend so most of what she puts on is a fake so you could never tell what's real or not."

And this little gal is here because you knew it had to happen:

"She has a fragile look to her but she is stronger then she looks. Ali is naturally busty and curvy in all the right places."

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Anonymous said...

"She’s stronger than she looks and can do the work of a man, she'll prove it too."
So, she's a tranny? :oD