Wednesday, March 4, 2009

All That Glitters Is Just Pyrite

"Description Chin length brown hair, that has natural red highlights in it. Brown eyes with gold flecks."

So why gold flecks? They make a Sue or Stu glittery and sparkly. When she or he looks at you with those shimmery eyes, it's hard to look away because her beauty or his handsomness is so overwhelming. Perhaps those eyes are intriguing or romantic. Eyes with gold flecks in them may indicate a magical and mysterious lineage that makes them all the more awesome and unique than those around them... assuming, of course, that all the Mary Sues and Gary Stus around don't attempt the same level of awesome and uniqueness by also having goldeny flecky eyes. Would a Sue ever do that?

*Note how the hair is often highlighted as well. Yikes!

"Appearance: Blue eyes with green and gold flecks, Black hair with blue and gold highlights, tan skin, birthmark on neck-- wraps around and looks like a dragon,"

"His eyes are soft brown, with golden flecks that come out in the right light, giving him a predatory appearance in a way."

"Hair Color: Brown with blond bangs
Eye Color: Hazel with gold flecks"

"She has wavy, uneven, lower-back length, black hair into which beads and feathers are braided with eye length bangs. Her eyes are bright emerald green with gold flecks. She has slightly tanned skin, and a lean lithe yet well-gifted body from wearing little and hunting in the top foliage of the trees."

"Tall, taller than Galadriel or any female Elf, with perfect porcelain skin (luminous, clear, and pasty white), LONG (down to her ankles) luxurious golden hair that always seems to be flowing in the wind, and amethyst eyes with golden flecks, brighter than the stars. Sometimes TOO bright (they glow in the dark)."

"Her hair is a rich red, with streaks of gold in the heavy waves. The eyes are grey-blue with gold flecks, large and lashed thickly with brown lashes."

"Appearance: Very black hair, very green eyes, with gold flecks in them. Very handsome."

"Skin: Naturally pale, with a golden tan in the summer
Eyes: Amber with gold flecks"

"His eyes are sky-blue with golden flecks presenting themselves around the edges of his irises"

"So I promptly changed my form into what I was told my kin the sun elves look like: deep bronze skin, shiny black hair, no demon wings, and black eyes with gold flecks."

"She was always so beautiful when she laughed: her face lit up, her dimples shown, and the gold flecks in her eyes danced like stars in a sea of chocolate brown. She was breathtaking."

"His eyes were black with golden flecks in them, framed by his dirty blonde hair."

"Appearance: copper hair, emerald green eyes w/ gold flecks, slender, worn clothing
sorry, i'm sure u don't need another elf, so if u want me to be another race, let me know."

"Description: Longish brown hair, always braided. Brown eyes laced with bright gold flecks that glow when she uses her powers or when her emotions are on overdrive."

"Her eyes are green with golden flecks, encased inside a black ring that defines her eyes"

"Eye Colour: Dark green, with gold flecks.
Physical Mannerisms: Wears a tribal charm made of bones and feathers around his neck for no apparent reason."

"Looks: She has layered long brown hair with natural high-lights throughout. Her eyes are a similar color of brown with small gold flecks in them which make them resemble her hair even more."

"Her body became that of a tiger, golden with deep black stripes, her eyes became wider, a deep green with gold flecks, her hands and feet changed to massive paws; her mouth protruded and when she opened it to growl at him, she bared her very sharp teeth."

"Gold flecks in his green orbs caught the sun through the window and sparkled like amber and emerald."

"looking over her with emerald optics that seemed to glimmer. If you were close enough, you might be able to see tiny gold flecks in the irises... He blinked."

"Her paws are a bit on the darker side, with her long claws nearing a yellowish color. Akash's eyes are a liquid brown type, with golden flecks here and there."

"Looks: Palimino, stunning purple eyes with silver and gold flecks"

"Hair color: White w/ Electrum frosting
Eye Color: Violet with gold flecks
Skin Color: Creamy"

"Fine silver hair, fair skin (gold undertones), intense brown eyes with gold flecks"

Physical Description: Faythe is 5’4" with a slim, but muscular figure. She has long, dark brown, wavy hair with hot pink highlights. Her eyes are brown with gold flecks and a gentle face."

"Appearance: Greenish tan hair, long in the front and short in the back. His eyes are a sharp gray with gold flecks in his right eye around the pupil."

"Mirari's eyes are a changeable hazel green, speckled with gold flecks -- although it's not really recommended to get that up-close-and-personal with her. She might bite you. They waver between green, grayish, teal, and a sort of mingled green-brown-gold randomly."

Here's another addition to the Unfortunate Typo Files: (Sometimes spellchecker can bite you right in the ass!)

"Hazel dug into her pocket and pulled out a few heresy kisses. She then proceeded to jam them into her mouth chipmunk style. When Hazel was upset or stressed, she tended to eat chocolate by the handfuls. Suddenly remembering her manners, she dug several more out and held them out to Josh."

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