Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It Sucks Being a Vampire

Even vampires hate themselves. Imagine that. They are just filled with angst, guilt and inner torment about what they are. Some vampires just have trouble embracing the cold-blooded killer within. They whine their way across the Earth and through eternity because their undead lifestyle is such a great burden to them.

Where does this come from? I imagine it's because many a Suethor would like to be a part of the normal rpg storyline next to the good guys but they strive to be better and stronger than everyone else. Vampires are strong, very seductive and occasionally have awesomely, cool super powers but, traditionally, they are meant to be evil bloodsuckers. How do you get around that? How do you reconcile all those evil thoughts and deeds? You become a vampire that hates being a vampire. You hate killing innocent people so you swear it off by vowing to only feed on animals, going to blood blanks, seeking out willing victims and sucking only on the elderly or society's worst humans. You spend your time fighting evil next to the good guys and trying to convince them you are nice. Oh, the great turmoil that churns up your soul and spits it out just makes you horny, doesn't it?

"Now he is a vampire who hates being a vampire who has just be informed of a different way. Called a blood bank."

"She hates being a vampire and enjoys watching things die before her, though deep down, maybe her soft heart will resurface."

"Apperance: Blonde bangs that cover his eyes slightly, wears black t-shirt and faded denim jeans
Extra: Vampire
Bio: He hates being a vampire, he wants to be human."

"She hates the fact that she's a vampire, she just wants to be normal."

"Bio: is a vampire, and *trys* to keep it secret. she is so far succesful... and she has vampire abilitys like ice and shapeshifting and extreme phisical ability(only uses when neccecery) she hates being a vampire blue, black, and silver Runner"

"she hates driking blood but has to to survive,and hates being a vampire because she feels as if she wasnt maybe people wouldnt treat her so cold and like her.since shes a vampire she trys not to get close to anyone so in the end she dosent end up hurting them."

"Attitude: He hates being a vampire. Ever since his syre died he has tried to find ways to remove his vampire blood, to no success. Sometimes he walks in the sunlight to try and wear it off but he always comes out worse for wear."

"Other:hates being a vampire wants to be human"

"Personaltiy: funny and brave, Tican can still have a caring side too. He talks whenever he feels like it. He hates being a vampire."

"Bio-Lyric was always alone as a child she was born as a pure blood vampire.At times she hates being a vampire cause everyone dosent like her not even her own vampire parents."

"Meanwhile, Genevieve sulks in Language Arts class about how much she hates being a vampire, and how she’d rather rot in Hell."

"He hates being a vampire.He hates having to kill,having to drink blood(partly because of morals,partly because it's highly inconvenient),all the legends and lore associated with his race,and he'd like to be able to enjoy the sun without worrying that it'd bake him alive."

"I personally liked Jenny as a vampire. Wish she would stay that way. Still, Jenny hates being a vampire and she is the one being it, so I always help her."

"Personality: very agile; quick learner; cares for nature; hates vampires with a strong passion [she wants revenge]; honest; not the bravest person you've ever met, but very brave when she has to be; determined
Weakness: gullible; afraid of too much emotion; very sensitive about her past; can be blinded by her hate towards the vampires"

"Others: second head cheerleader, most popular girl in school hates being a vampire, never shows it but she lives with it"

"Breif Bio: Despite being one herself, she hates being a vampire. As a result, she is usually seen conversing with humans and tends to ignore people she knows are vampires as well. Diong so, though, has gotten her lots of enemies, which is why she carries around her trusty Glock."

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I'm surprised that you didn't find a description of a self-loathing vampire "with curves in all the right places"! :oD