Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dancing with the Mary Sues

We already know she's stronger than she looks but how does she look? Besides the curves, the stunning eyes and the flowing tresses, what does she have left? Legs? Thighs? Arms? Butt? Belly? How do these things all fit together on a Mary Sue's beautiful body? What body does that leave her? With the body of a dancer. Or a dancer's body if you're nitpicky.

"Most say she has the body of a dancer, with long agile legs, small chest and graceful features. She moves with a feline grace."

"She has the body of a dancer, and moves like one, with muscles strong but unseen beneath her pale flesh."

"She has the body of a dancer. Her normal dress is either loose flowing skirts that are easy to move in and peasant tops or soft leather pants and a peasant top."

"She has long, thick blonde hair she prefers to wear loose and straight, and bright blue eyes. Standing at 5’7", she has the body of a dancer: soft curves, skinny legs, and a long neck."

"Description: Eli’s hair about waist length and is always gets blown in the wind; she is tall and beautiful, and she has the body of a dancer."

"Skin is pale...but not as pale as her families. You can tell she's been out in the sun for a while. She's got the body of a dancer: lithe and with long legs. She stands at 5'9"."

"She holds her self with dignaty and grace... most of the time. She has the body of a dancer, very will toned all over and slender. Portrayed by: Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana."

"Inside was a young woman, probably Orpheus’s age or a bit younger, long black hair that looked to be her natural color rather they dyed and a slim and slender body of a dancer."

"Sylvana is physically tall and slender, with what some might call the body of a dancer. Though she is fit, its quite difficult to tell, and therefore others are often misled to think that she is of average fitness, when she is closer to that of an athlete, not a professional one though."

"Physical Attributes: She is small and petite. She is very attractive and has the lean, curvy body of a dancer."

"Elspeth is tall and slender; the body of a dancer. She has long brown hair, and has pale, freckle-less skin. She has large, very dark brown eyes that always seem to be searching for something. She has full lips, and a thin nose. She speaks with an American accent."

"She is wonderfully beautiful, with the body of a dancer and skin that is absolutely flawless."

"He has the body of a dancer, tall, lean and muscular, Muscles are very well defined because of his lack of body fat."

"At 16 years old, Kelsie was the object of affection to nearly every man in her class, including teachers. The body of a dancer and the personality to match it."

"Sloan stands at about 5'5, has the body of a dancer and the face of an angel..and she certainly knows how to work all of that into her own little manipulating package. She has a set of big brown eyes that can bring a man to his knees just by her fluttering her eyelashes and a smile that could stop traffic from blocks away."

"Alexa is shorter than most people, but she has a dancer's body: compact, lithe, and beautiful. Her emerald green eyes flash with anger or sparkle with happiness, and her intricately braided long red hair swirls and sways with her movements."

"Appearance: She has a very feminine, curvy figure with an exotic accent, though she has a dancer's body."

What does Harry Potter think of this Mary Sue? He doesn't have to decide. She'll tell him.

"When she thought she was just another just another muggle she did ballet and she has the body of a dancer. She is skinny weighing in at an even 100 pounds but she is rather small only about 5’0" in height (Therefore making her as Harry puts it "Exceptionally good at dodging bludgers)."

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PM said...

Sometime I'd like to write an RP character with the line "She has the body of a dancer... which she's had to move three times already to keep the police from finding it." :oD