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Snape. Snape. Sparklypoo Snape.

This bio is from another Harry Potter rpg but it's such an obvious insert character. Inserts are almost always the worst characters to come across in an rpg because the owners rarely let bad things happen to the characters. This means no conflicts, no worries about anything and no real excitement anywhere ever. Even when she's bad, she's still good.

On top of that, this author has trouble writing a consistent character. I'm not picking on her for straying from the Harry Potter story because once in a while that can be fun, but I am picking on her for not even following the forum rules or even following some basic rules from Harry Potter but then she changes her own story as she role plays.

As a side note, she was accepted into the rpg as is. The owners should have been more vigilant and heavy handed in allowing this type of character into their rpg. She isn't going to stick to her bio and she'll keep changing her story in order to come out on top all the time. I don't care if the rpg is just starting up, never bend on the rules to allow characters like this in. It scares away other members who will see one person getting away with this nonsense just because they showed up first.

Full Name: Samantha Savvy Snape
Nickname/Aliases: Sam, Sammy, Sav
Age/Year (Not required for Vampires): 12;;second

So far she's not a problem. But what sort of middle name is "Savvy?" Has this author been watching too many PotC movies for her own good? Yikes!

**Date of Birth: 6/2/66
2066, I hope.

Group: human
Also, Sparklypoo

House (Not required for Vampires): Slytherin (could she be a perfect?)

A perfect? You don't have to ask about that, honey. You'll be making her quite perfect.

OH! You mean PREFECT. I see. She's only a Second Year. In the book, students didn't become prefects until their 5th year. It would be sort of stupid (and very unfair) to be a prefect now, wouldn't it? Well, who cares what I think. The owners gave her a prefect status.

**Wand: Yew, Dragon Heartstring, 12.5 inches
Height: 5'7"
Build: slender
Hair: dark brown hair to her shoulders with coon tail bangs
Eyes: brown with glasses
General appearance: Samantha is a slender girl, but not toothpick thin. She's about 5'7" and about 115 lbs, with curly brown locks, which she enjoys straighting because she isn't a big fan of her curls. She has coon tails on her bangs. She has loving brown eyes, unfortunately covered by glasses, filled with care for her closest friends and family.

Doing the math, she is toothpick thin. Sickly thin. Disgustingly thin. Do we get a picture of this atrocity?

**Picture(No more than 450x600):
Sort of. We did get a of the author herself being all cool and alternative. SCARY! And she's not stick thin either. She looks physically healthy and not aching for a hamburger.

Personality: Samantha is very social but can also be very shy at times. She gets along with everyone, but can make an enemy or two. She's super outgoing and will do anything and everything. When she gets it, she loves spending time alone and sticking her nose in a good book. There are times when you'll just find her somewhere reading. She has a weakness for cute boys, and also figits A LOT. She will constantly play with her necklace or twirl her hair. She'll mostly be in a good mood.

Social but shy.
Gets along with everyone yet makes enemies.
Outgoing yet spends time alone.
Does not compute!

People are complex but this is downright bipolar. Everyone has a mood or a characteristic that rules their lives. It's the drive that makes us all real, believable people. Not every mood yet still perfectly perfect in every perfect way.

History: Samantha grew up in Surrey, England with her parents. She is an only child, but kinda wishes she had a sibling. Both of her parents had gone to Hogwarts and were thrilled when she got her letter. She is also a pureblood witch and lives up to her power and her family name. Her entire family had been sorted into Slytherin, with the exception of Sirius Black, who was sorted into Gryffindor. Her family is also related to the Malfoys. Unfortunately, her family has a horrible history, but is not embarrassed by it. She is actually very proud that her family would challenge people like they did, but will never do it herself, in her life time.

Pureblood? Snape is her dad and he was half. She's a fourth. And if she's not embarrassed about her family, I can think of many others things she ought to be embarrassed about like being a insert and shuffling around the Snape family tree to make herself fit. Now, I'm stuck on this idea that she feels her family merely challenged people. Yeah, killing people doesn't exactly challenge them. Just makes them dead. I worry that in this authors real life she's a brat for no reason other than she feels she's doing everyone a favor by challenging them.

Family: Severus Snape is her father, Shea [Black] Snape is her mother, Druella and Cygnus are her grandparents. She never got to meet her father's parents, they had died before she was born. Bellatrix Lestrange and Narcissa Malfoy are her aunts, Rodolphus Lestrange and Lucius Malfoy are her uncles. She loves spending time with her second cousins, Andromeda and Sirius Black. She also love hanging out and learning new things from her cousin Draco.

Here is where I take an issue with the owners. The rules state this:

"It takes place about sixty years after the Battle of Hogwarts, so we do not accept cannon characters or direct discendants of cannon characters. However, it is not unreasonable to say that Harry Potter was your great grandfather, but please try not to."

WTF? Miss Samantha Savvy Snape has been allowed into the club even after her history is openly thumbing it's fictional nose at management? Her parents should be in their late 90's if I were being generous. Draco should be in his 70's if I were being realistic. She's only 12 if I were reading what she wrote herself. She brought Snape back to life and crapload of family members, all of whom didn't get along in the books, but they all live happily ever after centered around Sav and her glowing glittery-ness.

Now, how is she in gameplay? Here is her only post so far (she just started in this rpg and she's waiting for a reply):

Samantha walked into the store, all set to buy her books for her sixth year. She couldn't believe she was almost done with school. She looked around and saw Mr. Darcy busy with another a customer who looked familier to her, and Sam began looking around for the books she'll be needing for that year.

Buh? Sixth year??/!!!! But- she just said- wait- that's not- Whoa. She either innocently forgot she said she was a second year or just decided that her character is flying into sixth because she's just that amazingly awesome.

WARNING: This Sue could be coming to your Harry Potter rpg. Beware of her and those like her who forsakes their own bios in order to rule you. Beware of owners who let anyone in, even to the point of stomping on their own rules and storyline. If integrity challenges a Sue, don't get caught up with her or the forum that throws her a Welcome mat.

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