Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Lysol Sue

Here is a character that my friend Fountine affectionately dubbed "Lysol." She showed up in my rpg despite all the warnings about not creating a character like this. I am pulling this character out of the muck because she encompasses so many things that make so many Emo Sues hard to deal with. If you've seen one, you've seen them all and she just brings together, in text book example, what is wrong with this type.

Full Name: Lsyus Donna Smith
Age: 15

Appearance: Lsyus has long straight black hair that goes to the middle of her back.Her hair does part in the middle and so she has long bangs that go to the right side of her face and covers her right eye. She has nicely shaped eyebrows .She has long lashes.She has dark brown eyes.She has pale skin.She is also has scars on her arms from where she cuts her self.She likes to wear a black zip-up hoodie that says " Green Day" on it .Under her hoodie she wears a black short sleeved t-shirt that has a rose design on it.She also wears black jeans that are close fitting and they flare at the bottom.She wears on her feet black and red sneakers . She wears a small sliver locket on a sliver chain around her neck.The locket holds two photos in it of her family.

She is so lucky that she looked emo BEFORE her life went to crap. She doesn't have to bother with hair dye, make up or shopping at HotTopic-- well, not too much. I am willing to bet that she is so specific about Lysol's appearence (right down to the eyebrow) because the author had some gothy avatar she was just itching to use. Or maybe she wanted Avril LaVigne but couldn't find any avatars with the right hair color. We just have to imagine how sad she truly looks.

Are we ready to learn what happened to her family? Are you really ready? You may want to get ginger ale and/or popcorn for this event.

History: Lsyus was just a other normal 14 year old girl with friends and a loving family in till one day she came home from school to find out that her older brother ( who had been her best friend of all time ) had died on a re-con mission for the United States Navy.After this her life started to go down hill.It was two weeks after she found that her older brother was killed she lost her older sister to a car crash.Then almost a year later she lost her mom and dad to a fire.So now she staying in Malcolm with her aunt and uncle (her mother's brother).Her aunt and uncle love her very much as if she was their own child and try now to give her the very best that they can. Lsysu loves her aunt and uncle but she doesn't want to get to close to them because she fears that she will lose them.She is also very sad has yet to get over the loss of her family. She has found a way to stop the pain a little bit and that is to cut her self. But hopefully things will fall back into place for her even if she does see crazy things.

Wow. Vampires killed her brother in Iraq, cut the breaks on her sister's car and set fire to her parents. Damn! I bet her Aunt and Uncle are the vampires that made it all happen. I bet they can't have kids of their own so they lured her into their home in the most diabolical yet unbelievably complicated way possible.

And yeah, I hope everything works out for her after she's been beaten by ghosts, raped by werewolves, held hostage by witches or whatever else she planned to accomplish in an rpg with a supernatural premise.

Personality: Lsyus is a young girl that keeps to herself and misses her family to death.She does hid some times the fact that she is depression with a fake smile .She is also is very smart likes to help people .She believes in waiting in till marriage to do things.

To death... get it? Her appearance gives away her depression, smile or not. And how will she manage helping others when it's clear she won't be seeing anything beyond her self-pity. Who would marry this chick? A dude who wants to play therapist all the time. Sounds like fun!

Strengths: Math,Writing , Caring for her family

Haw! What family? I guess she does have her Aunt and Uncle but she just said she was pulling away from them for fear they would get hurt. Maybe staying far away is as caring as she can be.

Weaknesses: Singing,Fearing the death of a family member.

Thank God singing is a weakness. That means she's not whipping out a guitar to sing a song she wrote about her pain.

Role Play Example

Lsyus was sitting in her room of her home writing in her note book about random things at the time when she started to hear sounds coming from the other room.So Lsyus got up from her desk and walked over to her door and opened it .She saw that the hallway was dark and spooky looking.She wanted to know what was making the sounds so she walked into to that hallway and to her surprise she saw a small child walking out of the room next to her .

Why does this kid look so funny though Lsyus.Lysus just still looked at the child in wonder for a few more seconds then she went back to her room and closed the door behind her and locked it.She went back to her desk and started writing once again.After writting for a bit Lsyus laid her head down on her desk and closed her eyes and went to sleep.

After two hours of sleeping at her desk Lsyus got up and walked over to her dresser and pulled a pair of pajams shorts and and a shirt .She took off her oufit for that day and along with her bra and then putted on her pj's for that night.She cralwed into bed and went to sleep the night away.

In summary; she saw something that could have been something, went to sleep and then went to sleep again. I am getting sleepy myself after reading that.

Why do I try to keep these characters out of my games? They never last long. I believe they burn themselves out on all the drama they create so there's nothing left to actually role play with. Lysol only wrote one post before leaving. Here is that post. Brace yourself!

Lsyus was sitting on a huge rock that rested on part of the sand . The rest in the water as she was sitting and watching the waves crash to the shore she justed sitted as the wind made the waves.Her mind on on other things other then what was going on around her .

She was listening to her mp3 player.Lsyus was still just sitting on that rock lost in her own little world wishing that her family was with her still today.Then she saw how that the waves matched the song that she was listening to. This caused her to smile a little but the smile was fake and unreal.

The fake smile became a frown and tears started to fall as she thought more and more of her family.Mom .......Dad ..........Bro and Sissy I miss you guys so much thought Lsyus.Lysus was still crying and the tears were making thing blurry.

In summary; she laughed, she cried, she didn't stick around to talk to the characters silly enough to ask her what's wrong.

Seriously. Both this character and the author need therapy. How does this sort of character come up? I don't see the motivation. Is it fun to play emotionally broken teenagers? What joy is derived from crying incessantly and demanding attention from other players? Pulling everyone into your pathetic character's story? Making them want to comfort you and bend to your every whim or else you'll cry again...

That's right. The center of attention whether it's good or bad. The goal of every Mary Sue!

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