Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Brains and boobs? Who knew?

Sues are sassy, sarcastic, witty, keen, incisive, astute, shrewd, pointed, cunning, wise-beyond-years, edgy, acerbic, scathing and need to tell you about it all the time. It's a good thing that they are not only curvaceous, purple-eyed veelas, they have the brains to back up everything they say. Inviting interaction with a Sue can sometimes get you a good lashing from her "sharp tongue."

"She knew of the stories and legends of the warriors and enemies of Ohu, and she seemed like an intelligent little thing that possessed a sharp tongue."

"Her temper is quick to surface and quick to cool, although she is generally easygoing. She has a sharp tongue and a biting wit, using sarcasm as freely as air."

"She looked at Selene with a smirk. 'You'd best watch out around it. It has a sharp tongue and a dirty mind.'"

"Like the rest of her race, Rowyn is also very intelligent, though her cunning mind and sharp tongue can get her INTO trouble as easily as OUT of it."

"Though mostly quiet, Emma has quite a habit of lashing out a sharp tongue. It has made her many enemies, as has her blood status as a Muggle-Born."

"Peg does not have fire red hair but she does have the sharp tongue that would go with it. She is cool to a point and then the heat is raging."

"Although she can have a sharp tongue, she usually thinks before she speaks and never disobeys the leader's orders."

"She’s very open-minded though, finding vampires and werewolves to be quite civilized as long as they can hold their own against her sharp tongue."

"Poison practiced her silver, but mostly sharp, tongue on the others in their little gang, and she was a favorite."

"She has quite a sharp-tongue, and if you want sympathy from her you will have a hard time getting it."

"She is quick whitted and has a sharp tongue, meaning she sometimes can get herself into trouble."

"Phaedra is quite impulsive with her sharp tongue. She believes that whatever she thinks, she should say it aloud."

"She is perhaps best known for her fiery temper, sharp tongue, and razor wit; unfortunately, one is rarely exhibited without the others."

I could keep going with this, but I should give time to their illiterate mates; those with a "sharp tounge."

"Personality: Nice though sometimes he has a sharp tounge."

"Personality: Quiet, Patient, cunning, brave, proud, can have a sharp tounge, caring and generous to those close to her, can be shy at times, But if angered can be vicious."

"Get to know her and she's fun and freindly, get to know her a little better and she's fun friendly and has a pretty sharp tounge to boot! Get to know her as well as I have and she's a wonderfull person with a glowing personality. Wuv her :)"

"'Well well well, such a sharp tounge you have, stranger' In an instant Shadow was in front of the shadowy figure."

"Personality: Valderas has a sharp wit, and occasionally a sharp tounge. He is focused, and once he latches onto a particular objective, he does not easily let go."

"Weapons: A bow, and arrows, and her sharp tounge of course"

"She mostly has a calm and sweet nature and you do not want to see her mad. When she is she tends to have a very sharp tounge and tends to act harshly."

"She is usually quiet but has a sharp tounge and is very opinionated. She says exactly what she thinks and doesn't give a flying fart in space whether or not anyone likes it...that's just the way she is."

"PERSONALITY: amourous, loves to be in love, romantic, can be a bit mean, sarcastic, witty. She is mostly kind hearted but has a sharp tounge and a bad temper. She can be very sensitive."

"Personality: Hot headed and tempermantal, she possesses a sharp tounge and tends to be very blunt on her honesty."

"Personality- Blaize is called the Sarcastic for a reason, he is the paradigm of a verbal ironist. He allows it to get the better of him almost all of the time and all around him tend to suffer his sharp tounge."

How about some time to the sadder members of this group:

"She has no time for foolishness, she cannot stand fools, ignorance, or billigerence. She has a sharp tonge when she uses it, and has a quick mind."

Not yet. Three more.

"Dark angel was stumped she hand just met this girl and allready she was way past the espectations dark angel had set for her."Well well well thats quita sharp tong you've got there now if only you mind was just as sharp then we would get somewere."

"He has a rather sharp tong and has not jet figured out when to keep it behind his teeth."

"My for a pretty wench you have a sharp tong."

So how do you feel after spending time with a Sue's most pink and perfect asset? Well, at least one of them.

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Birdie said...

"She has no time for foolishness, she cannot stand fools, ignorance, or billigerence. She has a sharp tonge when she uses it, and has a quick mind..."

...when she uses it.