Monday, December 31, 2007

Where on Earth have I been?

Well, since my last post I have made my own rpg. It's an original rpg with a spooky theme to it. I ask for original characters only and the result: I'm getting characters from Buffy, descendants of Van Helsing or clan of LeStat. ARRRGH! Why is it so hard for people to follow simple rules?

I also made rules for people to discourage them from making Mary Sues and Gary Stus but what do you suppose has happened? The club is over run with the vermin clamouring for the center of attention. My friends and I enjoy a nice easy role playing style together but the Mary Sues and Gary Stus are so overwhelming that it's hard to complete a simple story with just us.

God moding happens all the time. I've gone into GREAT detail to explain what it is and how even simple words can be writing for another character but some people still do it. It's very frustrating to read it and have it done to you. People just refuse to understand how destructive it can be.

My blog will cover God Moding soon. Don't you worry, readers! I will cover this most vile of all rpg crimes. After you read it, you'll never be confused again.

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