Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Good Riddance to Bad Dads

If a Mary Sue's parents aren't killed by vampires, she needs to take matters into her own hands and kill her parents herself. How else is she going to have a tragic past? Of course it's not her fault. Mary Sues always have a very good reason for killing their parents. In fact, they are more likely to kill their fathers because he's been a horrible, molesting bastard. Hasta la vista, Daddy!

"In her young adult years, she had an argument brought up about her unchanging behaviours and not moving out, so she shot her dad. Unable to stand the look on her mother's face and the screaming, she opened fire until she got her in the head."

"She killed her father (he betrayed Konoha) on her mission and ever since that moment, she doesn't talk anymore."

"Her father taught her how to kill without mercy, how to be relentless and cruel. She was the ultimate killing machine. When she was 16, she killed her father and released herself from the underworld."

"She killed her father in cold blood and something happen to her mother but she won’t say where she is or if she is alive…. all she says is "she’s with the dragons"."

"Bio: Princess of Majora, a land of vampires and demons. She's half demon half vampire. She killed her father along with most of her people."

"One night, after her father had finished hitting her with his belt she waited till he went to bed. Covered in bruises her crept in to the kitchen, silent tears streaming gently down her pale cheeks. She pulled out her dad's ready loaded handgun and crept back down the hall. She shot her dad four times in the chest before turning the gun on her little sisiter and pulling the trigger."

"(Yes and she's still in high school...she dropped out after she killed her father, and moved to Nagoya about a year later to start school again, and to run away from any of the police that may be looking for her XP)"

"It wasn't until Kira was older that she found her power to kill someone just by skin to skin contact. Infact thats how she killed her father, he came home after work one day and she ran to hug him."

"Miyuki as she reminisces about her past: in a fit of anger, she stabbed her father, a police officer. She fled due to the fear that she would be arrested, and the shame of what she had done."

"She stabbed her father by accident. Thats how he dies. Thank you."

"The night of Tera's 10Th birthday was when it took effect......everyone she had ever loved or cared for, died by her hands. Before she murdered her father he burst into tears, realizing the horrible fate he had brought upon his daughter. Later she was raised by a human couple who taught her the ninja arts, but two years later, her curse took over and she murdered them in their sleep."

"When Kiri was a child her mother abandons her and left her father, leaving her father to raise her. Her father was always drunk and very abusive. Half of her life her father had beat her and molested her, giving her the dark, serious personality. After a few years of being abused and molested by her father she finally decided that she couldn’t take it anymore, she murdered her father and soon left her home."

"Consumed by hatred, she murdered her father and fled the house, not getting far before an unmarked van pulled behind her and whisked her away before she could blink."

"Sam looked at her from the window and saw Lillix pull out a gun from the back of her pants...and in cold blood, she shot her father right between the eyes...."

"and- she shot her dad on self defense...but doesnt really like talking about it much"

"She escaped when she was 17 years of age when she found out she could transform into a strange new kind of dragon and make bones as sharp as blades come out of her hand. She killed her father that night and became Queen. She later ordered her mother to death. Out of all this she has grown to believe that there is only gold and dead enemies."

"At the age of 10 she met Gaara and was atracted to him. She was the only one who loved and understanded Gaara and was with him for a year. Then her father took her away from him and locked her up. In that time she enhanced her medical ninjutsu and was vey powerfull. She killed her father and went back to find Gaara when she was 15."

"Born into the middle class of the Co'orhem elves, Yukiko had a fairly normal upbringing until, at the age of 19, her mother died of a terminal illness. Her father went mad with grief, then simply just went mad, as he started to physically and sexually assault his own daughter. When she turned 25 she killed her father in his sleep and left her home in search of work."

"All day long her mind had been wandering back to the night when she killed her father. Today was that day... 5 years ago on this exact day. She had lived with his murder for that long, and has goten away with it since. Though what puzzled her most was not the fact she killed him... it was the fact she enjoyed killing him."

"Once she killed her father, she felt like she couldn't stop and killed everyone in the house. She was later put in an assylum for another two years. When she was fifteen, she was released from the assylum and was able to live a normal life. She was living on her own for a year, but a family friend later signed her up to be in the Cross Academy so she could find a place where she could find peace."

"Kaldemar worshiped her, wanting nothing more than to please her. She had turned his own teaching against him, with magnified skills, and he was nothing more than her puppet afterwards. His pathetic excuses for lessons were nothing compared to what she did to him in return. Eventually, she killed her father after becoming bored with him and totally engrossed in Kaldemar."

"Celeste was exiled from her land when she poisoned her dad on her 16th. nobody knew if she did it on purpose or not but her brother was the one that decided to exile Celeste."

Seriously, I had to cut myself off from these. I found a staggering amount of Sues who killed their fathers. Dads tend to drop like flies all over the Sue world. I saved the best for last because you knew it had to happen:

"bio- nekomata is the demon passed down from her mother/ at age three she killed her father in revenge for her mother and brother's death"

Neko is not just a way of life, it's a damn virus!

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PM said...

My personal theory is that the fathers of Mary Sues who aren't killed by their daughters fake their deaths so they don't to endure a lifetime of putting up with them Sue-ing around everywhere. Makes sense to me, anyway. :o)